Community for the Re-education
and growth of Character
Hogar CREA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention
and reecovery from alcohol and substance abuse.



María Celeste

I got quesitos, they’re really good!! and the guy was really nice.

Heather Leseney

This program must be very successful. The guys in the program stop at my shop every week to sell flan, cheesecake and pastries. The men are always very humble and respectful. They are willing to answer any questions and are very honest. I think it is great that these guys are out there earning money to help pay for their housing while in the rehab program. I just wish the flan wasn’t so damn good because I need help with my willpower skills.

Katrina Wilson

Bought the chocolate oreo cake today from the man that came into the laundromat in Altamonte Springs. Very nice guy and yummy cake.

Juan Harvey

One of their members came into my store and was very polite and very straight forward. Everyone deserves a second chance and these guys work really hard and have very good interpersonal skills. Also the pie was delicious!

Lyndsey Fain-Rhodes

They have the best flan and cheesecake. It’s super delicious and goes to a great cause. The men who come to our salon are always super polite.

Bee Face

Really proud of everyone here, you guys keep up the good work. ! looking forward to more sweets

Cindy Quiroz

This young man came into my shop selling pies. I asked him about his life and how he arrived at Hogar Crea. After listening, I was very impressed with this young man. I now buy their pies when I can!

Carmen Roberts

My son goes here and he has come a long way. Most of them are polite and friendly. We had an issue but it was found to be some miscommunication and I was wrong. Spoke to Anthony in Jacksonville who was friendly and professional and gladly cleared it up. I don’t have any issues with the residents here. They work hard and are trying to better themselves and should be given credit for that. Instead of posting negative comments let’s be positive and be part of the solution and not part of the problem. I will certainly do my part because by helping Hogar Crea, I will also help my son. Thank you Anthony and those of Hogar Crea!

Sonja Reed

My Grandson is in the program. They treat everyone with respect and work with them. They do not charge. Selling pies and bakeries, raffle tickets and donations is how they pay the bills to be able to give these guys a second chance.

Nana Dojo

Very respectful people, great program. Great deserts.

Martin Lopez

My name is Martin Lopez I’ve recently contact Hogar Crea International. And I must say they were so amazing begining with how well they treat with respect they explain everything I see how they do things my other half is getting better thanks to the awesome service they are doing for all of us they are my angels. God bless them. I’ll always be greatful. Bless you all.

Yuniel Garcia

Great care for the families and the guys they are helping and not to mention amazing flans cheesecakes and pound cakes

Pabon Pablo

The only place where families and person’s in need xxx and get the peace and happiness back.

Samuel Nazario

This is an awesome program. I know them from Puerto Rico. Totally should be supported. For those who complain for about ignorant things, shame on you. How about pointing out how hard they work selling pies. Ugh

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns and Surrounding Regions of PA:
  • Bethlehem, PA
  • Allentown, PA
  • Reading, PA
  • Lancaster, PA